Raspberries have been grown at Tedre farm for over 20 years. In 2016, the production of juice drinks from raspberries was commenced, and in 2017, the production of raspberry seed oil from the press residue created during juice making. The success of the farm’s operation has been ensured by combining different products and services related to raspberries.
In the years 2021-2023, the project “Processing, packaging and distribution of Tedre farm raspberry seed oil” is financed by the support of the local action group and the LEADER project support.
The aim of the project is to develop the packaging and sales activities of raspberry seed oil. As part of the project, equipment for separating seeds from raspberries, packaging raspberry seed oil in bottles, and the necessary equipment for using the equipment in the processing room will be purchased. During the project, an auxiliary building with a shelter will be built. A septic tank will be installed for wastewater treatment, a seepage system will be built, and a pipeline will be installed to drain the wastewater. The pipelines of the auxiliary building will be laid, and the water pipeline and sewage pipeline of the production building will also be renewed.
Raspberry seed oil is a fairly new product for many people and very little is known about its properties and uses. We plan to continue sharing information about the use of raspberry seed oil and we would like to start organizing workshops and visiting days on site to introduce the possibilities of using raspberry seed oil and also to offer an active holiday to visitors. During the project, the necessary conditions for receiving visitors will be created.

In 2021, a septic tank was installed, a seepage system was built, and a pipeline for sewage disposal was built. The pipelines of the auxiliary building were laid and the water pipeline and sewage pipeline of the production building were renewed.
In 2022, equipment was purchased for pressing juice from raspberries and separating seeds, filtering oil and packaging raspberry seed oil into bottles. The internal equipment necessary for the use of the equipment was purchased for the processing room.

In 2023, the auxiliary building was completed. In the auxiliary building, there is a room for introducing the activities and products of the farm, as well as conducting educational days. Necessary sanitary equipment was purchased and installed and a toilet was built.

Equipment and fixtures purchased with project support:

  • Labeling machine
  • Bottling device
  • Filtration device
  • Air compressor
  • Stainless work table
  • Table with sink and prewash shower
  • A shelf

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